February 20, 2015

It is common knowledge nowadays that copywriting is essential to achieving success in e-commerce and online marketing. What makes good copywriting?

Yet why is it so important to provide your marketing strategy with proficient yet fresh, and refined yet uncut copywriting?

Let us start with a truly strong statement. Copywriting is the essential element of a well-made digital marketing plan and by no means, it should be treated lightly. Bringing coherence to all your actions and activities, it will gain the most desired thing in the whole process of marketing. That is, it will grab the reader’s attention, and, if you are lucky enough, change him into a devoted customer.

OK, but what exactly is copywriting?
In a few words, it is a craft of writing some texts (which can be separate words, phrases, or longer articles) used to prompt a reader to take some specific action, mostly to interest him or her in a product or products of a given company. Eventually, the aim of copywriting is to sell things.
Now you see that it can be useful, but the key is to do it well. You can guess that to work properly, a copy need to be easy to follow and catchy. It is highly unlikely your product will sell like hot cakes without your readers being convinced that they are truly fresh, tasty and hot. That being said, it is a good idea to engage a reader in as many ways as possible – not only intellectually, but also emotionally and esthetically.
It is best advised to please a person reading your ad or offer with what you present to him or her. Therefore, you need to know who he or she is.

A phrase “setting a target” may seem rather crude, but it expresses the point quite well. It means that you should not only know who the product you are working on is designed for, but also know (or “feel”) the very product from the inside. Unfortunately, despite knowing the value of their products or services, the customers of both marketing agencies and freelance copywriters are sometimes completely unaware of possible marketing assets and opportunities of them. Highlighting them may be the most important step in the whole marketing plan. Good and experienced copywriter does not need much time to do that, but still, carrying out an extensive, detailed research in most cases is a must-to-be-done.

The next critical stage is to clothe the ideas in words. Writing should be pithy, compelling and personalized to hit the target very hard. In order to do that, you must see it. You should visualize your readers with all of their most important characteristics.

One of the most common mistakes done by copywriters is using sophisticated words instead of the simple ones. Truly persuasive language is not complicated. Good copywriter can call to intelligence and make his or her reader think without using fancy vocabulary. There are many other techniques to do so, e.g. telling a story, asking questions, or using puns or equivokes, to name only a few.

Copywriting can make or break your campaign. Sometimes it is good to present your products in few sentences, but there are also situations where you have to present them in a whole dissertation. Longer texts should anticipate possible questions and dispel any doubts of your reader. In other words, it is a copywriter who writes in the About or FAQ section on your website. Thereby, he or she is a virtual sales representative and a customer service representative at the same time. As you can see, it is quite a demanding task as for one person.

So what else should you expect from your copywriter?
The output content need to express the uniqueness of your product and include everything that you think of it as exceptional.

The texts in addition to the informational content should also be visually attractive and suggestive, as the above ad of a free web browser Mozilla Firefox for the Android OS. Using only few words, i.e. about 40, it expresses pride in the product and convey the philosophy of its creation, presents the most important of its features, and finally appeal to the needs of the customer. Eventually, in the simplest possible form, ie. semi-graphic caption, includes a call to action. In other words, in a concise form it contains everything that a good advertising text should contain.
It is you who decide what actions you expect from your potential customers. A skillful copywriter is a person who knows how to put a gloss on your product and by this means turn them into the actual ones.

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